Advice for Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints in the world. With our lives centered on the computer and the desk, it’s no wonder that lower back pain is so common. Here are some simple tips to help alleviate that pain and help get you back in alignment.

Advice for Lower Back pain

The first and most important tip I can offer is the practice of yoga. I have suffered from back pain and knee pain for all of my life and one of the only things that have ever helped me is a low intensity yoga routine. Remember that any routine needs to be practiced regularly to feel the effects. Finding a good yoga instructor who knows how to work with pain is absolutely vital.

Many of us want to just relax at the end of the day and I suggest massage chairs for back pain sufferers. Plopping down on the couch and sinking into the cushions can actually be worse for your back than sitting in your office chair. If you search around you can find great deal on massage chairs for sale. These were once the luxury of the rich, but they have become much more affordable over the years.

The last tip I have for helping body pain is proper hydration. Most of us are dehydrated every day and only drink when we feel thirsty. Even then, we don’t drink enough. If you find yourself thirsty, that means you are already dehydrated. Get a durable water bottle made of either steel or a strong and non-reactive plastic. Keep it filled and empty it at least twice a day; twice if you get a large one. Not only can this help your back pain, but it’s great for all of your joints. My knees thank me when I am well hydrated and my back agrees.

Author: Rob Lobitz

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