Spinal implants and other medical materials are more popular than ever before. Medicine, in general, technology-driven specialty. Improvements on spinal implant technology contributed health care very much. Every physician should have enough information about spinal implants to be able to use them conveniently, to perform an informed choice, and to deal with material-related problems.

This section includes a page of materials science related with spine surgery. You can reach it by clicking the link below:

This section also includes pages about spinal implants and other spine-related biomaterials such as fusion materials, dural substitutes/adhesion barriers, hemostatic materials/glues, and others. You can navigate by clicking approriate section below. If you know the name of the implant you interested, you can use the list at the bottom of the page, which includes all the implants covered in this website.
Below, you can find a directory of companies producing spine-related materials, implants, and other products.

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