Like all other systems of the body, spine is subject to congenital, degenerative, traumatic, and tumoral diseases. This section of The Scientific Spine has dedicated subsections of those disease groups. Neurological and spinal examinations, special spine syndroms, spinal pain, and spinal deformity also have dedicated subsections. Below, you will find the links to reach those pages.

The titles below indicate different sections of spine-related conditions. Their content will grow continuously.

Neurological examination

Spinal examination

Spine Syndroms

Spinal pain

Pain (in general)

Neck Pain

Back pain

Low-back pain

Spinal Stenosis

Classification of Spinal Stenosis

Congenital spinal diseases

Degenerative spine diseases

Adjacent level degeneration

Modic endplate changes

Spinal trauma

Upper Cervical Trauma

Atlantooccipital Disclocation

Atlas Fracture, Jefferson Fracture

Denis' Three-Column Theory

Chance Fracture (or, Seat Belt Fracture)

Holdsworth Fracture

Stress Fracture of the Spine

Spinal deformity



Classification of Scoliosis

Degenerative Scoliosis

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Spine Tumors

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