Le Fort Fractures of the Face

Fractures of face bones described by Rene Le Fort (1869–1951). There are three types of Le Fort fractures.
  • The type I Le Fort fracture is a horizontal fracture of the alveolar process of the maxilla, with the teeth contained in the detached fragment (see figure below).
  • The type II Le Fort fracture is a unilateral or bilateral fracture of the body of the maxilla in which the detached maxillary fragment is pyramidal in shape. The fracture may extend into the floor of the orbit and into the hard palate and nasal cavity.
  • In a type III Le Fort fracture, the entire maxilla and one or more facial bones are completely separated from the craniofacial skeleton.

  • Figure (Le Fort Fractures of the Face)
        Le Fort Fractures of the Face

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