Modified Health Assessment Questionnaire (MHAQ)


The disability index of the Modified Health Assessment Questionnaire.

Source Article

Pincus T, Summey JA, Soraci SA Jr, Wallston KA, Hummon NP: Assessment of patient satisfaction in activities of daily living using a modified Stanford Health Assessment Questionnaire. Arthritis Rheum 1983, 26:1346-1353.

Modified Health Assessment Questionnaire (MHAQ) is a self-administered, 'arthritis-specific' instrument which asks respondents to rate the amount of difficulty they experience performing eight activities (dressing, getting out of bed, lifting a cup, walking, bathing, bending, turning faucets, and getting in and out of a car), on a scale ranging from 1 to 4 (without difficulty, with some difficulty, with much difficulty, and unable to do). It is the modified form of the Stanford Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ).

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