Removal of Broken Pedicle Screws

Three methods have been described in the literature.*
Removal of broken pedicle screws
Method 1. A small drill bit is rotated by touching the broken screw. The directions of rotation of the bit and screw fragment are reverse.
Method  2. A screw extractor (with reverse threads) is placed in the central pilot hole, then used to back out the fragment.
Method  3. A flathead screwdriver inserted in the slot (created with a cutting burr) on the top surface of the screw fragment.

Also,  some special tools has been produced solely to remove broken pedicle screws: An innovative broken pedicle screw retrieval instrument. Weng X, Qiu G, Li J, Li S, Lee CI, Yu B, Li L. J Spinal Disord Tech. 2007 Feb;20(1):82-4.

* Extraction of Broken Pedicle Screws: Technical Note. Duncan, Johnny; MacDonald, Joel. Neurosurgery. 42(6):1399-1400, June 1998

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